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A Relaxing Early Spring Day on the Beach at Presque Isle in Erie

I usually go for more structure in an article, but today I decided to loosen up a little bit and do something different. It was an April day that was unseasonably warm, with temps up in the 80s, which ended up being just shy of the overall record for the day in Pittsburgh and western PA. Morning came along and we wanted to do something. We headed up to Erie to do one of our favorite things on a warm day, spend a day on the beaches at Presque Isle State Park. 

Naturally because it was just coming out of winter, the water was still frigidly in the 30s and the air temps were also significantly cooler out on the peninsula due to winds from the lake, but it was a lovely spring day and way to cool off from a quick heat wave/ 

CeCe, being all about play as usual.
"Hmmmmm waves. What do I do with these things?"
We dipped our feet in for half a second before we could feel the hypothermia already kicking in like pins and needles, so swimming this early in the year is not only a no go, but dangerous as well, but we knew we would not be swimming anyways. 

We sat out on the beach, played, CeCe explored, and Brit flew a kite. Sara's Drive in had just opened back up for the year. It had been a long pandemic winter and getting out on a weekend like this was just perfect. 

This was just a perfect day and relaxing days like this are what really sticks out in memories. Hopefully seeing the fun we had lifts your spirits a little bit.

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