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Breathtaking Sailing Excursions on Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay with Your Sailing Adventure

I had never gone sailing before and finally had the chance to do so with Erie's Your Sailing Adventure. Captain Scott and his crew, of Captain Dave and Captain Andy, are local sailing aficionados that have brought this dream to life. They have a great passion for sailing and are based in the Erie area. 

Captain Scott began this as a way to introduce people to the beauty of Presque Isle and Lake Erie in a way that was not being done. 

With a dream they have created a tremendous experience to offer that showcases this spectacular setting, while charting a path in a region that has faced economic hardship and has shown great resiliency. The consistent winds on Lake Erie make it perfect for sailing and sightseeing. Not only do you get picture perfect moments, but you get to experience the thrill and relaxation of sailing. 

These guys are absolute pros and they even serve complementary beverages of your choice and charcuterie. They are also very entertaining people to chat with, and their passion for the craft shows in everything they do. 

Passing by the Lettie G. Howard Schooner, which dates back to 1893

I was so enamored by the experience of sailing and seeing the natural beauty of the area. Seeing the beauty of the Great Lakes in this manner, viewing the peninsula of Presque Isle State Park and the shoreline of the lake, along with the lighthouses and sunset right over the peninsula. I was in absolute awe. Seeing the moon rise was incredible as well. Being out there on the water is just so freeing. Living in the moment like this is just an amazing thing. It is just the boat, the crew, and the winds out there with you and it is truly awe inspiring. 

The boat docks at Wolverine Park and you launch and return there. They offer two hour sunset sails, two hour afternoon sails, and wine pairing sails that give you a great time out on the water. 

Seeing the outer end of Presque Isle and approaching the point where the lake and the bay meet.
Just after the sun dipped
What an amazing way to take in a stunning sunset over Lake Erie, Presque Isle, and the bay. Captain Scott and his crew of Captains Dave and Andy are so knowledgable and passionate about sailing. Experiencing the thrill of sailing with them while taking in the tremendous natural beauty of Erie and the Great Lakes is something that should be on everyone's bucket list. These guys have even hosted an engagement party, for which this is definitely the perfect kind of venue to pull that off. 

For more information on sailing with them, check out their website at yoursailingadventure.com

Our visit was hosted by VisitErie and our opinions are always unvarnished and our own. 

Our 2023 Pennsylvania Calendar is available now through the drop down menu at the top of the page! The proceeds help to keep the lights on here.

Our 2023 Pennsylvania Wall Calendar features scenes from across the state, including views of:
-The Schuylkill River, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Fairmount Water Works 
-Knoebels Amusement Resort 
-Buckhorn Covered Bridge in Lycoming County 
-Campus of the University of Pittsburgh and Cathedral of Learning 
-PA's Elk Herd 
-Strasburg Railroad 
-Twin Covered Bridges in Columbia County 
-Seven Tubs Natural Area Waterfall near Wilkes Barre 
-Bilger's Rocks in Clearfield County 
-Rimrock above the Allegheny Reservoir 
-Fireworks in Downtown Pittsburgh 
-Lakemont Park in Altoona 
The calendars open up to be 17 inches tall by 11 inches wide (8.5 by 11 pages) and all photos have been taken by us, and the calendars are produced in the USA. The proceeds help us to continue what we do to highlight and bring attention to the many great adventures that this state has to offer. 

It makes for a great gift for someone or for yourself. It is available for purchase through the PayPal dropdown menus at the top of the page and the bottom of this article.

Also available is our book on Pennsylvania's historic amusement parks, Great Pennsylvania Amusement Parks Road Trip. It features Knoebels, Kennywood Park, Hersheypark, Dorney Park, Waldameer, DelGrosso's, Lakemont, Dutch Wonderland, Idlewild, and the sadly former, Conneaut Lake Park.

Thanks for your ongoing support over the years! 

2023 PA Calendar and PA Amusement Parks Book Purchase Options

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