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Asbury Woods: Tranquil & ADA Accessible Nature Education Area, Erie County

Asbury Woods is a tremendous nature preserve, just west of Erie. The origin of the property into its current iteration is from the Behrend family wanting to have a country retreat from their thriving paper mill in Erie, Hammermill Paper Company. The property was their estate and they deeded the land to the local school district for environmental education and public access. The park now covers 216 acres of publicly accessible land which is absolutely fantastic. Woodlands, wetlands, and more can be found within the park, in addition to historic structures and a pristine natural education center. What impressed me most about this property is the attention that they put towards accessibility for all to the property. They have created a giant boardwalk that takes a big loop through the woods that is fully ADA accessible, which is a consideration that is unfortunately often not considered or barely considered. 
The historic barn

The homestead and interpretive center. This spot is perfectly landscaped and designed as a public gathering place for education and events. The facilities are perfect
This is the best facility I have ever seen for accessibility, allowing all to be able to have the chance to explore through the woods, empowering all members of our community through access to the natural world. Between this and the newly built accessible beach at Presque Isle, the focus on accessibility for all to nature in Erie is something that is just awesome. 
CeCe and Buddy absolutely loved the nature walk and hike.

A meadow in late summer/early autumn bloom

The keyword for Asbury Woods is pleasant. This place is so pleasant and wonderful. A perfect place for exploring the outdoors and relaxing. 

We highly recommend checking out Asbury Woods. In addition to its phenomenal scenery and ADA accessibility, it is a wonderful place for birding, spring maple syrup production, wildflowers, and environmental education. It is well worth going out of your way to check out. For more information on visiting, check out their website at https://www.asburywoods.org 

Our 2023 Pennsylvania Calendar is available now through the drop down menu at the top of the page! The proceeds help to keep the lights on here.

Our 2023 Pennsylvania Wall Calendar features scenes from across the state, including views of:
-The Schuylkill River, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Fairmount Water Works 
-Knoebels Amusement Resort 
-Buckhorn Covered Bridge in Lycoming County 
-Campus of the University of Pittsburgh and Cathedral of Learning 
-PA's Elk Herd 
-Strasburg Railroad 
-Twin Covered Bridges in Columbia County 
-Seven Tubs Natural Area Waterfall near Wilkes Barre 
-Bilger's Rocks in Clearfield County 
-Rimrock above the Allegheny Reservoir 
-Fireworks in Downtown Pittsburgh 
-Lakemont Park in Altoona 
The calendars open up to be 17 inches tall by 11 inches wide (8.5 by 11 pages) and all photos have been taken by us, and the calendars are produced in the USA. The proceeds help us to continue what we do to highlight and bring attention to the many great adventures that this state has to offer. 

It makes for a great gift for someone or for yourself. It is available for purchase through the PayPal dropdown menus at the top of the page and the bottom of this article.

Also available is our book on Pennsylvania's historic amusement parks, Great Pennsylvania Amusement Parks Road Trip. It features Knoebels, Kennywood Park, Hersheypark, Dorney Park, Waldameer, DelGrosso's, Lakemont, Dutch Wonderland, Idlewild, and the sadly former, Conneaut Lake Park.

Thanks for your ongoing support over the years! 

2023 PA Calendar and PA Amusement Parks Book Purchase Options


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