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Knoebels Amusement Resort's Joy Through the Grove Holiday Drive-Thru Event

Joy Through the Grove at Knoebels Amusement Resort was in its second year in 2021 and it is an absolute winner. The drive through begins near the park's Impulse Roller Coaster and rides down the main boulevard area of the park, through the historic Knoebel Covered Bridge, which serves as a classic take on a light tunnel, and through the entire campground. The course is about 1.5 miles and takes 20-30 minutes to complete. 

Snacks and souvenirs are available at the start of the tour, a custom radio station, spinning holiday classics and witty messages from the park plays on a custom radio station. Most of the holiday scenes have a specific theme, such as a ski area, airport, toy soldiers, and more. The rides in the park area are beautifully illuminated, though they are not running for the event. The Nickle Plate Bar and Grill and Golf Club House just down the road have been transformed into Santa's Village, with displays, food, and more. Y

You would never know this was an all new effort from the park. 2021 was the first year we were able to get to the event, but as soon as they announced it, we added it to our must-see holiday events list, breaking our general rule on not writing about something unless we have visited it, because everything Knoebels does is fantastic. We are glad to report that with our first visit, we were thoroughly impressed. For more info on visiting, check out their website at www.knoebels.com

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