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Pine Ridge Park: A Scenic Nature Spot in Indiana County

For a county of its size, Indiana County has a wonderful county parks system. It rivals that of counties that are much larger. Lots of space for the public health and economic benefits that public parks provide. Most of the tracts came from old and abandoned industrial tracts, such as through coal companies and railroads. They redeveloped many of these large properties into places for the benefit of the public good. 
Pine Ridge Park, near Blairsville, is a fine example of this. The land was largely owned by the R&P coal company. The rocky lands did not lend themselves well to farming or any other kind of development, and they had largely been forested over the time of ownership through the coal companies. 

635 acres of land, bisected by Route 22, some pipelines, and some power lines, offer a place for respite. Trails to hike, a nice little pond to relax and fish at, and there is even a pretty lodge on the lake as well. Most of the Indiana County Parks were developed into their current state in the 60s, and Penn State students designed park facilities. 

The centerpiece of Pine Ridge Park is a beautiful lodge on a small pond. It looks so beautiful and really makes for a beautiful spot to relax. The creek runs through the lands as well and there are many picnic pavilions built along it. This county park contends with the state parks in its beauty and quality. 

Pine Ridge Park is located about 3 miles east of Blairsville on Route 22, at the top of a large ridge. You can't miss the signs when you are on Route 22. Definitely a great spot to do some picnicking or to even stretch out for some rest if you are traversing Route 22. 

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