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Bucktail/Top of the World/Mason Hill Overlook: a 360 Degree View in Elk State Forest

The Bucktail Overlook, also known as the Top of the World Overlook, and the Mason Hill Overlook, is a pretty incredible spot that provides 360 degree views of the Sinnemahoning Creek Valley and the area of the Elk Herd in Elk State Forest. 
It is named after the heroic 42nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (13th Reserves) and the subsequent 149th and 150th Pennsylvania Regiments of the Union Army, helping guide our nation to winning the Civil War. 
The regiment's nickname is the Bucktails and they are renowned for their bravery and service in fighting off the Confederacy and preserving our nation. They wore Bucktails on their hats, which made them stand out amongst the many fighting groups of the Union. The grand view at the Bucktail Overlook, which is also referred to as the Top of the World, is certainly a great tribute to their service. 

The views here are so expansive, but I feel like they would be amplified with a fire tower or observation tower located at the center of the overlook area to help give an even more outstanding view. Perhaps something like a monument towards the Bucktails, similar to what they have in Gettysburg, to serve as both an ornate memorial to the people that enabled the future of Pennsylvania and our entire nation, and to give an even better view of the spot. 

Our two pups absolutely adored the grassy clearing at the overlook to take a break and play hard after sitting in the car on a nice scenic ride for a while.

We definitely recommend checking out this spectacular spot. It is within 20 minutes, just east of Benezette and within the range of the elk herd. The state forest road leading up to it is pretty substantial, with some divots and sharp curves, so keep that in mind during tougher weather conditions. You will definitely need to be dodging road hazards on the way up. Additionally, the renowned Fred Woods Trail a 4.9 mile loop trail with a rock city is located right nearby. 

It is located off Mason Hill Road, a state forest road in Elk State Forest.

Coordinates for the overlook:

41.349712, -78.153497

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