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PA Covered Bridge Journey: Lancaster Covered Bridges

We continue our covered bridge tour across the state with a journey through Lancaster County, the county that has the most covered bridges within the state with a grand total of 29. 

Forry's Mill Covered Bridge: Coordinates: 40.0677° N, 76.4780° W

Here is Forry's Mill Covered Bridge across Chiques Creek in West Hempfield Township. It dates back to 1869 and measures in at 103 feet long. It is named after the Forry family, who lived in the stately stone house you can see in the background. 
Forry's Mill Covered Bridge - Built in 1869

Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge: Coordinates 40.0759° N, 76.4711° W

Our next stop is at Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge. This span measures in at 91 feet long and dates back to 1885. It crosses Chiques Creek and connects West Hempfield and Rapho Townships. This was one of the few bridges to survive the 1972 Hurricane Agnes Flood. It was damaged in the 2011 floods and was heavily renovated afterwards. They did some awesome work with the renovation, with the new lumber smell within the bridge really being pretty awesome.
Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge - Built in 1885

Schenck's Covered Bridge: Coordinates 40.1156° N, 76.4253° W 

I really loved Schenck's Covered Bridge. The window features on the ends are really neat, along with the horizontal boards, and the rounded approaches. I realize that these are not unique features in covered bridges, but something about this bridge in particular really stood out to me. This bridge crosses Chiques Creek and measures in at 80 feet on the span, and 96 feet total length.
Schenck's Mill Covered Bridge - Built in 1855
Kauffman's Distillery Covered Bridge: Coordinates 40.1482° N, 76.4098° W
Kauffman's Distillery Covered bridge is 96 feet long and dates back to 1857. It was associated with the Kauffman Family, who ran a local distillery. It is said that they traveled around by wagon and sold their whiskey from town to town. I was at this bridge around rush hour, and it was pretty cool seeing how this bridge is used just as heavily as any other bridge. It is still in excellent shape and it adds a ton of character to the area.
Kauffman's Distillery Covered Bridge - Built in 1857

Erb's Covered Bridge: Coordinates 40.1678° N, 76.2439° W

Erb's Covered Bridge crosses Hammer Creek. It measures in at 80 feet and dates back to 1849. It is located near Rothsville, PA.
Erb's Covered Bridge - Built in 1849
We lost our daylight around this point, but we will continue on our covered bridge tour with covered bridge stops in Lehigh, along with Berks, Schuylkill, and Juniata Counties on the return trip back to the western part of the state.

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  1. 2 within 5 miles of my house. Red Run & Reamstown. Also one a couple miles more away-East Earl Twp?


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