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Interesting Pennsylvania Destination Map

Searching for interesting things to discover and enjoy? Here is a map of things to do, a map of destinations and cool places that we have visited within Pennsylvania and within a manageable driving distance of the state. For the amusement park related destinations, we utilize articles from our other page Coaster Talk No BS Zone. This feature will be a work in progress. contacting us.

If you have suggestions on places to visit, let us know in the comments, or through messaging the page.

By no means is this map all encompassing of the great places this state has to offer, it covers places that we love. Be sure to reference this map for some travel ideas, or ideas on places to visit while you are traveling around our beautiful commonwealth.


  1. Bushkill Falls is nice! Went there last year. It's a popular destination, especially when visiting the Delaware Water Gap.
    Also there's a bookstore in Bethlehem called the Moravian Book Shop that boasts to be the oldest continuously running bookstore in the US.

  2. Yeah those places are great! We even did a book signing at the Moravian Book Shop. Such an awesome place.


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