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Book Review: Biking the Gap by Brian J. Krummel

Reading it was made me want to get right back out there on the trail, that as you know, I've done some excursions on. It is an excellent and thoroughly detailed guide to the 150 miles of trail on the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail. If you have not explored the trail and want to get a decent primer before you make a journey, be sure to check out this book. If you have explored the trail, be sure to check out this book as well, for the thorough and detailed examination of many of the different landmarks, amenities, and stops along the trail. You will be certain to find things you may have overlooked throughout your journeys.
 It is clear as soon as you open the book, that this was a labor of love for Brian. The book has 270 pages filled with interesting facts about many of the sights and sites along the trail.
My take? This is a very detailed book that gives a great overview of this 150 mile trail. As anyone who has explored the trail multiple times can tell you, there is no way to travel the trail without noticing something new each time. This book not only informs you about some of these many landmarks along the trail, it also helps to fill in the context of those places. If you are looking for a thoroughly detailed, mile-by-mile guide to the trail, you should check out Brian's informative book. It is available through the his book's webpage, www.bikingthegap.com

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