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Great Food and Views at the Lake Raystown Resort

The Lake Raystown Resort, set upon 400 acres, is a resort area set upon Raystown Lake, the largest lake fully within the borders of Pennsylvania. We cover some of the background and scenic beauty of the lake in this article from last week. We went to the resort to have a hearty lunch before heading to the Swigart Museum, which we will cover later this week, and the awesome Thousand Steps Trail. The resort is an RVC Outdoor Destination, a company that runs a series of campgrounds across the country. They have a lodge, convention center, restaurant, waterpark, marina, beach, and more at the resort. 
The waterpark! They also have two waterslides, making for a relaxed little waterpark experience.
Climbing goats!
Our main draw to the resort was to get a bite to eat. Great views and delectable food make this a great place to relax for a little bit.
The food portions were fantastic, and the pricing was reasonable as well. I could not resist the crab cake sandwich, while Brit had the biggest club sandwich that I've ever seen.
We took a stroll around the marina area after we were done eating. As with the rest of the lake area, it was absolutely beautiful.
They have a little amphitheater set up for weddings. They frequently host them right at the marina.
The resort has a couple of houseboats available for rental.
The beach and some of the accommodations next to it.
The Lake Raystown Resort is a fun place to come and relax a bit. The resort was pretty popular, between the accommodations, waterpark, swimming, boating, and the restaurant. The food was delectable at the restaurant, and we highly recommend it. For more information, here is the website for the resort.

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