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The Scenic Coastline West of Presque Isle State Park: Erie Bluffs State Park, Orchards, and More

Heading westward from Presque Isle State Park is something that is not done as often as they should. Today we head out westward along the shores of Lake Erie from Presque Isle State Park to Erie Bluffs State Park. Along here there are multiple marinas that are popular for people into boating. The protected inlets offer a great place for boat launches and protection for those out on the lake. Additionally, they are often at the headwaters for the different creeks that pour into the lake. In steelhead trout season, these creek heads are the place to be. The steelhead trout runs from Lake Erie into its watersheds are known as some of the best game fishing that the commonwealth has to offer.
A view of Presque Isle's peninsula from the western side. The first boat launch provides an excellent view, all the way out to the first lighthouse.

The shoreline in this area can be categorized as rolling hills, small gorges, and little glacial kettles that create beautiful wetland and field areas.
The boat launch at Erie Bluffs State Park. This secluded area is beautifully wooded and a prime example of what the coastline looked like prior to human development. It is an excellent spot to have a picnic, launch a boat, fish, or to just simply relax. The land was a Boy Scout Camp for a long time and it was owned by US Steel. It was proposed to be a new plant for US Steel to make access to iron ore shipments across the Great Lakes much easier with a plant set up right at the point it could be shipped to. The bottom soon fell out from this plan as the industry tanked, and the Western PA Conservancy purchased and preserved the land and transferred it to the state to become a new state park. 

Asbury Woods is located just south of here it offers a tremendous opportunity to experience nature for everyone, with a substantial wooden boardwalk trail that gives access to nature for everyone. Accessibility to the healing power of nature for everyone is a cause that I am very passionate about, having seen the struggles of families to be able to have access to nature for their loved ones. What Asbury Woods, near Erie, has done with their boardwalk trail is incredibly ambitious and powerful. For more info on visiting, check out this article
Mid summer is absolutely excellent throughout the region, with cherries, blueberries, and raspberries in large supply, thanks to the region being perfect for these berries. Come fall, grape season is awesome. If you go during the harvest, you will surely smell grapes. If you pass a vineyard in your car, the smell will often get caught in your vents. It is glorious.

All in all, the Erie region is one of our favorite places to explore.

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