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Random Downtown Erie Gems

Downtown Erie is beautiful and filled with lots of gems. As a city with very old industrial roots, and as a crossroads of transportation, the city is filled with lots of 19th and early 20th century buildings and relics. We will start off with the fantastic Spencer House Bed and Breakfast, where we stayed on this visit. 
This charming victorian mansion is a great place to stay, especially if you love old and historic buildings. This place has been meticulously restored to its past elegance.
Next we look at a random iron pole that almost looks like a street light that got sheared off. It has a much deeper spot in the history of Erie as a nautical city. Any guesses? Ding, ding! You guessed right! It is a drive shaft from a steam ship! It dates back to the 1830s and it came from the flagship for the Reed Steamship Lines, the S.S. Thomas Jefferson. It stands outside of the Erie Club, an exclusive place located in the mansion of one of the wealthiest men of his era in Erie, General Charles Manning Reed. 

I was really taken with the beauty of this building. I knew right away that this was an old hotel, likely from the 1920s, and that inference was correct. This building its the Richford Arms and it dates back to 1928, when it was built and opened as the Ford Hotel and it was later known as the Hotel Richford. Now it is has mixed usage, no longer as a hotel. It is still great to see that the building remains.
Some of the beautiful buildings of downtown Erie.
The old Edison Electric Fountain in Perry Square.
The Pennsylvania National Guard Armory
Looking towards the Bayfront and Downtown Erie at Dusk from Presque Isle State Park.
Here is the Erie Firefighters Museum, covering the history of this critical group of individuals that keeps our society safe from the threat of fire. This is one of multiple small and medium sized museums throughout the city that are pretty neat.
The Warner Theater is another amazing gem. This beautiful Art Deco and French Renaissance-styled theater dates back to 1931, when it was opened by the Warner Brothers. The Warner was the main movie palace of the city. It was donated in 1976 to the city, where it now serves as a performing arts center.
The churches in the city are particularly stunning.
The city's old Union Square/Griswold Park Post office. It dates back to 1932 and is located very close to Union Station. This old post office even has a tunnel built into it for mail delivery from train service. While the building is no longer used as a postal station, it is now utilized for offices. 
And speaking of Union Station, what an incredible building. It is still partially utilized as a train station, in addition to offices, retail space, and the Brewerie at Union Station brewery and restaurant. This old station, which was a joint effort between the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroads, is still used by Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited line, which runs from New York City/Boston to Chicago, via Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie, and Cleveland. 
Throughout downtown Erie you will see fantastic views, in addition to several chocolatiers and breweries. 

We had an excellent trip to Erie, and highly recommend checking out all of these gems, in addition to Presque Isle State Park, the shores and lighthouses of the area, the railroading and museums, the wineries, Waldameer Amusement Park, and more.

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