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Susquehanna River Vistas: Marie Antoinette & Wyalusing Rocks Overlooks

Today we take a summer look at the Marie Antoinette Overlook, and the Wyalusing Rocks Vistas, overlooking huge bends in the majestic Susquehanna River near Towanda in Bradford County, PA. We visited these last fall, and wanted to check them out in the summer. This article on the Marie Antoinette Overlook and French Azilum gives a look into the fascinating history of this spot, and shows this location in the autumn. This article shows a look at Wyalusing Rocks in the fall. Seeing the difference in these locations with the seasons is incredible. 
The history in this location is just fascinating. The late 1700s were the beginning of the end of colonial expansion. The Americans stood up and won independence from Great Britain. It can be argued that this was the beginning of the end for British imperialism. This ripple carried over to the French soon after. During the French Revolution, the French dealt with similar uprisings both domestically and abroad. The natives and imported slaves of Haiti successfully revolted and became the only successful slave uprising that resulted in a new nation-state in the new world. The French elites fled from there, just as they were fleeing from the mainland in France. Seeing the plight of the exiles, for whom the Americans had allied with just a few years before, they allowed for the creation of a village in rural Pennsylvania, near Towanda, within a horseshoe bend of the Susquehanna River. 
The history is fascinating, but still pales in comparison to the natural beauty of this spot along historic Route 6.
 There is a nice pull off area at the top of the bend, with a great overview of the history of this location.
A cutout that enabled Route 6 to travel through this spot.
Now we head a few miles east along Route 6 to beautiful Wyalusing Rocks. This article gives some autumn views from this spot, and some historical background. 
The bend is a little smaller in this location, but a beautiful rock outcropping enables the terrific views that you can get from this bend. Because of this outcropping, it has remained an important location through all eras of human inhabitance in the area.

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