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Kinzua Bridge State Park with a Touch of Winter

Kinzua Bridge is pretty awesome to see in any season, but it is extra neat to see with flurries in the air  with temperatures barely in the single digits. With temps this low, make sure you are wearing extra layers, with gloves, a scarf, and a decent hat or hood. The winds through the Kinzua Valley can be especially frigid. Also, be sure to have decent hiking boots and microspikes/small crampons for your boots if you plan on hiking down into the valley. These sorts of conditions really make me come alive though.
Pennsylvania's rugged topography made for a number of challenges when it came to creating railroads. Tunnels, big curves, and large viaducts had to be constructed frequently on most rail lines to ensure that rails were at a light enough grade for trains to travel. For more background on the bridge, be sure to check out this link, and this link, from a few of our previous visits to the bridge. 
While the bridge once topped out at 301 feet upon completion in 1900, a tornado ripped through in 2003 and took down the tallest points on the bridge. The remaining sections top out at roughly 200 feet off of the ground. The tallest end of the bridge has a glass skywalk so you can look straight down to the valley. The middle of the bridge still has track and rail ties, enabling you to get views as well.  
This scene is reminiscent of Back to the Future III, when they use the locomotive to get back from 1885 to 1985.  

A view between rail ties. This place is so spectacular. 
The skywalk!
A demonstration of the power of tornadoes, with a view of the remains of the bridge mangled on the valley floor. 
We now hike down into the valley!
It is neat to appreciate the enormity of the structure from below.
Looking straight up at the skywalk
Looking through the tallest intact support of the bridge at the mangled remains of the rest.
It is really something to appreciate just how large the mangled supports are when you are at the bottom of the valley.
Here is a riveting shot.
Looking back up towards the entrance to the remaining portion of the bridge.
The hike up and down the walls of the valley is relatively short, but rigorous in elevation change. I recommend using some micro spikes or small crampons because this trail has some areas with solid ice during periods of cold weather. It was still a very fun hike and one that I highly recommend if you are properly bundled up.
Looking through the supports!
A view of the bridge from a few miles out in the valley. Kinzua Bridge State Park is a place that you need to check out. Multiple times of possible. We have seen it in all of the seasons, and with a vast array of weather conditions. It is truly a wonder and it is neat to see the interaction of nature and human creation in this place. Be sure to check out Kinzua Bridge State Park, just outside of the borough of Mount Jewett. For more information the bridge and state park, check out our previous articles at this linkand this link,

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