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East and West Paden Twin Covered Bridges Columbia County

Columbia County has so many covered bridges, but these two are just awesome. The East and West Paden Twin Covered Bridges are the only two remaining covered bridges that are setup in this practical manner. Instead of building one giant span, or connecting two spans with a bridge pier, they instead opted to build two smaller covered bridges off of each side of a middle bridge pier. 
The first and larger span, measuring in at 112 feet, is a rebuilt replica of the original bridge, which was built in 1884 and destroyed during a flood in 2006. 
The second span is one of the originals, dating back to 1884 with a 75 foot length. Here you can see how the other span is almost indistinguishable from the original span. 
The bridges and surrounding grounds are used as a beautiful picnic grove, with capacity for many in a bucolic setting.
The bridges are impeccably maintained and are truly an excellent place for a picnic.
Some of the surrounding picnic grounds, known as Twin Bridges County Park.
A view of the twins.
The bridges are named after John Paden, who operated a nearby sawmill. They were built by W.C. Pennington and employ the use of Queenpost construction. It crosses Huntington Creek. 
These two covered bridges are just awesome and we highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area.
41.106683, -76.356068

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