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Hidden Waterfalls by Ricketts Glen State Park in State Game Lands 13

On several glens heading off of the same area as the glens in Rickets Glen State Park, State Game Lands 13, immediately adjacent to Ricketts Glen State Park on its western flank at the top of the ridge, is home to another set of waterfalls that you do not often hear about. While not as numerous or as large as those within Ricketts Glen, several of the falls are just as beautiful. Another plus is that very few people explore these. On our first day on our last visit, we opted to visit these instead of maneuvering through the crowds on the Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park. 
Sullivan Falls is 36 feet tall and located on the Sullivan Branch of East Fishing Creek. The leaves were just starting to turn already, creating the start of a beautiful autumn scene. One of my favorite aspects of these falls was the presence of some red bedrock, adding a really neat look to the falls. Additionally, the layering of the water as it rolls over those rocks is so beautiful. We sat and watched these stunning falls for a while.
Accessing these falls is pretty easy. You simply have to take Sullivan Falls Road/Jamison City Road, either from Jamison City, or right from the top of the ridge near the entrance to the recreation area at Ricketts Glen State Park. If you head down to the bottom of the falls and head downstream to where the creek is more shallow, and follow the difficult and rugged hike/climb upstream, up the side of the creek, you can get a view of some of the smaller falls upstream and branch off onto Pigeon Run, where there are a few decently sized waterfalls. For more directions on this, check out the awesome pawaterfalls.com
Just up Sullivan Falls Road/Jamison City Road from the parking area at Sullivan Falls, there is a 15 footer on Big Run, a tributary to the creek that Sullivan Falls is on, that is almost immediately roadside and difficult to miss.
Lewis Falls on Heberly Run. With this glen being referred to as "Waterfall Wonderland," I have to say that my expectations were much higher for it. Heberly Run is beautiful, no doubt, but it did not blow me away like it has with other people. My recommendation for getting to these is through following a hike at the bottom of the glen at the base of Grassy Hollow Road, or by cutting across the ridge from Sullivan Falls. Grassy Hollow Road itself is basically impassable without a vehicle that has extreme ground clearance. There are major logging operations on the road with huge equipment that has torn up the road, creating a crown in the road that looks like it can be as large as 1.5-2 feet. The easiest way to get up this glen is through hiking it, which involves bush whacking and walking through the water. If you are looking for a walk in the creek, scrambles up hillsides, and bushwhacking for ok waterfalls, then be sure to check that out. If you are looking to see the finest waterfall in that area, check out Sullivan Falls and take a nice picnic lunch, maybe even with a fantastic sandwich or meal from the nearby Fishing Creek Lodge. These falls are great to explore if you want to avoid the falls at Ricketts Glen State Park on a busy day.

GPS Coordinates to Sullivan Falls. From this point you can launch off into any of the adventures into the waterfalls of State Game Lands 13, immediately adjacent to the western edge of Ricketts Glen State Park:
41.335133, -76.338967

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