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Buttermilk Falls/Homewood Falls, Beaver Falls, PA, Beaver County

Buttermilk/Homewood Falls is an extremely pretty and accessible waterfall in a small park area that was created for the appreciation of this nice waterfall, one of the tallest in Western Pennsylvania at 35 feet. Here is an article from when we visited in a previous winter. This is located just off of Route 18 and the PA Turnpike in Beaver Falls.
Buttermilk Falls, also known as Homewood Falls, is beautiful. The park is the result of the community coming together and cleaning up an old industrial site. Quarrying and trash dumping were once prevalent at this site. With a community effort, the land has been rehabilitated into a popular little recreation area. 
There is a nice little hike along the small gorge that goes through an area that was once a rock quarry.
Here is the bottom of the gorge, right before this creek's waters enter the Beaver River, near where there was once Morado Park, a former trolley park amusement park. 
The smaller and often overlooked mini waterfall just downstream from Buttermilk Falls.
Just downstream!
Here is Buttermilk Falls! Above on the left you can see busy rail right-of-way. Some of it is used, and some of it sits in abandonment. That side of the falls in obviously inaccessible.
If you are in the Beaver area, be sure to check out this nice little spot. Buttermilk Falls Natural Area is located right off of Route 18 and the Beaver exit of the PA Turnpike. 

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