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Stookey's Famous Bar-B-Que: Fantastic BBQ in Nanticoke, Luzerne County

We recently had the chance to eat at one of our favorite barbecue places, Stookey's Famous Bar-B-Que. After recently visiting some family in the region, we stopped off at Stookey's. It had always been a staple for us when we visited our family in the Nanticoke Area. It has easily been about ten years since we last went, and I have had a craving for one of their fantastic pork barbecue sandwiches for a very long time. Unfortunate circumstances brought us back and Stookey's brought us a little familiar comfort as we hit the road.
Stookey's started off as a roadside stand on Route 11 in West Nanticoke, way back in 1926. Three generations of the Stookey family have served barbecue from this humble abode. 
When my Polish and Slovak immigrant families landed in the Nanticoke area to be sent down into the coal mines, they immediately took to the fantastic sandwiches that Stookey's makes. Some of my earliest memories of heading up to the Nanticoke region to see the rest of the family that remained in the region always involved getting fantastic meals from Stookey's.  
With one bite of that barbecue sandwich, those memories came right back. The sandwiches taste exactly as awesome as I remembered them. I have never run into another barbecue sandwich with their style. Instead of drenching the meat in sauce, they smoke and use a perfect mix of spices and a barely noticeable sauce. They let their meat and seasonings shine on their own, with deliciously tender meat, topped with their yummy relish. Stookey's is one-of-a-kind, and a Nanticoke/Wilkes Barre institution. It has played a special part in the lives of our family and is well worth checking out for its fantastic and affordable food. 

For more information about this wonderful local business, check out their website at http://stookeysbarbeque.com

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