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Millersburg Ferry: A Relaxing Float Across the Susquehanna River

For nearly two centuries, the borough of Millersburg, Dauphin County, has been connected to the other side of the Susquehanna River and Perry County with a ferry crossing. At this point, the mighty Susquehanna River is a mile wide and very shallow. In order to make this crossing happen, a wall (a small dam) was built for the ferry to be able to cross the river. It was once just one of many ferry crossings across the river, but it is now the last one remaining on the Susquehanna River, and the last operating river ferry crossing within the state itself. The Millersburg Ferry, also known as Crow's Ferry, is a pretty awesome thing to experience. 
It is a calm ride across the Susquehanna River in a section of this scenic, calm, and sprawling river that is hopping with kayakers, tubers, and fan boats.
The ferry has room for about four cars, or two cars and 6-8 motorcycles. There are two total ferries on the line. When we arrived in Millersburg, the next ferry was just about to disembark, and we snagged the last spot on the ferry. It is open to pedestrian passengers, automobiles, motorcyclists, golf carts, and even horses and buggies, with a small crossing fee. The ride takes about twenty minutes and is quite relaxing. 

For practical purposes, this ferry is a strategic crossing of the river, for there are no bridge crossings between Duncannon and Sunbury. 
 A view of the scenic river
 Dragonflies landing on the chains
It is pretty easy to see in these photos just how pleasant the ferry ride is. It was a nice way to break up our cross state drive.
The western shore of the river at the site of the ferry landing is home to a pretty campground, Ferry Boat Campsites. They have a set of swings that overlooks the landing and the river, and a really nice spot to moor kayaks and to wade into the water.
The ferry operates on weekends in May, then daily through the summer months through Labor Day when the conditions permit it, and then weekends only through the end of September. For rates and more information, check out their website at http://www.millersburgferry.org

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