Academia Pomeroy Covered Bridge: Longest Covered Bridge in the State

Everything about the Academia Pomeroy Covered Bridge in Juniata County is massive. It is the longest covered bridge in the state of Pennsylvania, and it has one of the highest clearances at over 11 feet (though it is not open to motorized vehicles. It is a double span, with two burr arch truss spans that measure in at a total of 278 feet. It crosses the impressive and bucolic Tuscarora Creek and has been located in this remote spot since 1902. The Juniata County Historical Society has owned and maintained it, and the care that this bridge has seen is immediately evident. 
At 278 feet, this is the longest covered bridge in the state, and one of the longest in the country. The bridge was recently refurbished. It crosses the large Tuscarora Creek, a creek that is basically the size of a small river. 
Coordinates: 40.493611, -77.4725

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