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Krickbaum Covered Bridge: Columbia and Northumberland Counties

The Krickbaum Covered Bridge spans the South Branch of Roaring Creek, on the border of Columbia and Northumberland Counties. It was built in 1876 with the Queen Truss method of construction. It is only 62 feet long. It was built next to a grist mill that was operated by Krickbaum and it was built with the Queenpost method of construction. 

While the covered bridges is pretty, the "outhouse Lillies" are what caught my attention. They are actually called Tiger Lillies, but my grandparents always called them "Outhouse Lillies," except with the addition of a little four letter word at the beginning because they always grew around the outhouses in Palmerton, the company town in which they grew up in. These lillies always catch my eye and make me think of my grandparents.  

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