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Views from PA's Highest Place: Mt. Davis in Autumn

Mt. Davis Natural Area, located at the highest point within the state, and High Point Lake are beautiful to visit in any time of the year, but especially in autumn. Due to it being slightly higher than most places in Southwestern PA, this is one of the first areas to see fall color. The ride up through rural countryside is so pretty as well. 
 Our visit last year was just before peak in mid September, but there was decent color on that balmy September afternoon. High Point Lake is located at an elevation of 2480 feet, which makes it one of the highest elevation lakes in the state. Nearby Mt. Davis reaches a height of 3,212 feet.
 The area is located with short, but mature forest growth, lots of boulders, and a firetower that gives a stunning view of the surrounding ridges. 
As opposed to a specific high point, Mt. Davis is pretty spread out upon a plateau, and is negligibly taller than the surrounding plateau, so you do not get as dramatic of a view as you do at other scenic overlook points. The view is still amazing, especially as the colors change on the thousands of surrounding trees. 
A road goes around the perimeter of the natural area and trails crisscross it as well. This spot here gives a great view of High Point lake, which is about 700 feet below this point. For more background and information on Mt. Davis, check out this previous article of ours. 

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