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Autumn Views at Altoona's Horseshoe Curve

One of our favorite day trips from the Pittsburgh area involves going for a ride to do some train watching in the Altoona area. This specific trip last autumn was focused upon a visit to Horseshoe Curve to see autumn color. For rail nerds like myself, this is an exciting place to go. Even if you are not into trains through, it is impressive seeing these trains really chug along as they traverse this rugged mountain area. Horseshoe Curve offers a stunning scenic overlook around a stunning curve in the mountains and an engineering triumph of the old Pennsylvania Railroad. It is a great place to take a picnic lunch and spend a few hours taking in nature, scenic views, and impressive freight and passenger trains. 
We started with a quick stop at the Gallitzin Tunnels. For more information on them, check out this article. We were not really chasing any specific locomotives or special trains on this trip and most of my photos were more based upon taking in the whole scene with autumn colors and the train action. 
The inclined plane/funicular at Horseshoe Curve. We generally take the ride up to the top of the Horseshoe Curve Observation area and then climb down the stairs on the way back. They say that Horseshoe Curve is the Disneyland of train spotting, which is an apt description of this spot. They even have an incline ride to get to the top. There are loudspeakers that have the radio communications from the dispatchers to know when the next trains are coming and what is going on out on the rails. As I said earlier though, even if you are not into trains, this is an incredibly scenic spot to spend a relaxing afternoon. Take some folding chairs and a cooler with drinks and food and just take in the place. 

Even the caterpillars were giving us signs of autumn. 
 Here is a view of the chain of reservoirs that leads down the valley to Altoona.
 Here comes a train!
 The trains passing the parked historic Pennsylvania Railroad locomotive.
Horseshoe Curve is always worth a visit, but especially as the autumn colors come into view. For more information on visiting, check out this article from a prior visit.

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  1. We are just there yesterday. The incline was down so I had to walk to the top. However the view and the experience made it great. Can't wait to get back in the fall.


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