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Parkesburg Train Station: A Historic Amtrak Train Station in Western Chester County

Parkesburg's Train Station is historic and beautiful. It serves westbound and Eastbound Amtrak Keystone Service Trains, but the Pennsylvanian, which runs from Pittsburgh to New York City, via Philadelphia, does not stop at the station. Keystone Service trains can connect in Harrisburg to head west to Pittsburgh. With the loss of passenger rail services within most places in the state, the fact that the small borough of Parkesburg has easy rail access, with free parking and quick accessibility to major city areas, is a pretty awesome thing. While I would like to see the station get polished up a little bit, it is great to see that it still functions. Not many of these small town stations remain, let alone remain in use. 
The station was built in 1905 and gives an insight into the operations of the Pennsylvania Railroad in small town settings. While the interior of the station is not open to visitors, the exterior area is just so beautiful, but could use a little sprucing up. The adjacent freight house was demolished and the National Railroad Historical Society did not want to see the same thing happen to the station, so they did a refurbishment to keep it viable for longer. 
The station served as a filming location for the classic Harrison Ford action thriller, Witness, as the station where the Amish family left to go to the city. 
CeCe was so excited about the snow while I was gawking at the beautiful old station.

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  1. Credit where it's due,, The Townspeople took in donations and replaced the sad remains of a roof some 25-30 years back, or it would not be standing today !! I know this to be fact as many of our neighbors and ourselves pitched in. If memory serves, $25 would buy ONE bundle of shingles at the time.


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