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Mercer's Mill Covered Bridge: Lancaster and Chester Counties

Mercer's Mill Covered Bridge crosses the East Octoraro Creek, bridging the divide between Chester and Lancaster Counties. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I know I say that about many covered bridges, but this one is truly beautiful. Statistically, it is pretty close to average for the Lancaster and Chester County regional covered bridges. It dates back to 1880 and is in a beautifully rugged creek valley and forest. 
Because of its placement in the valley, it just sneaks up on you. Tight curves lead to the top of the valley on either side of the covered bridge, leading to it just showing up. I always go out of my way to visit covered bridges when I am routing drives, but even with knowing the location of this covered bridge, it still was a surprise to see it. Covered Bridges like this, within the kind of setting it is located, are always my favorite in regards to the surrounding stunning scenery. The rugged surroundings are also a surprise because most of the driving you will do to get to the covered bridge will be through beautiful rolling hills and farmland.
The bridge was built in 1880 by Carter and utilizing a double Burr arch style construction with iron reinforcements. It is right on the edge of the pristine Wolf's Hollow County Park, which is home to a stone farm house that was built by the early German farmers that settled the area. The park is home to some nice hiking and lots of 18th and 19th century industrial remnants that have since been reclaimed by nature. There are lots of beautiful examples of covered bridges surrounding here, with 44 in all, 29 in Lancaster County, and 15 in Chester County. Of all of these covered bridges though, this one sticks out as one of my favorites.

 Coordinates: 39.93150, -75.98150

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