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Mt. Pisgah Altar Scenic Overlook: Stunning Views near Bald Eagle State Forest

Mt. Pisgah Altar Scenic Overlook is both a labor of love and an appreciation of the majesty of nature. On our last visit, the valley behind the altar was filled with fog, so the scenic view was absent, but on this visit, there was no fog and it was beautifully clear. Set on a private tract in the middle of a state forest area, this is a unique spot. Unless you specifically knew it was located here, it would be very difficult to just stumble upon this remote spot in Snyder County, on top of Shade Mountain, surrounded by Bald Eagle State Forest. 
The site was built by Robert Cryan of Beaver Springs in 1979. He built it with the intention of having Easter Sunday services at the site. Since then, many weddings, and more have occurred at this beautiful site. A long stone road leads to the altar at the top of the mountain.

 GPS Coordinates: 
40.699043, -77.235597

For more background information, history, and how to get to this place, check out this article from our prior visit.

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