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Belmont Plateau Overlook in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

 Belmont Plateau in Fairmount Park: Philadelphia

Fairmount Park in Philadelphia is an absolute treasure. In the summer, it is buzzing with activity, with people picnicking, playing games, and taking in the scenery. In the winter, sledding is often the course for this nice slope overlooking Center City Philadelphia. This spot gives a breathtaking view of the Center City Philadelphia Skyline. In the winter, the hill is a popular destination for sledding. 

Historically, this place helped transform our nation, with the Belmont Mansion serving as a stop on the Underground Railroad, where formerly enslaved people went to find freedom. It is comforting knowing that the stunning view from this spot is one of the first views that people saw as many experienced freedom for the first time. 

This is a lovely spot and the view is just fantastic. There is something about a city park in the summer and warmer weather months, with lots of people just sitting and relaxing while picnicking, throwing a frisbee, sunbathing and more. This is a special spot that is so awesome. In the winter, with fresh snowfall, the hill becomes a sledding destination. It is places like this where you see what a city is all about, with a community of great people. The view is awesome on its own, but it is even more incredible to think that this is one of the first views that many people saw when they first experienced what freedom is. 

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