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Cogan House/Buckhorn Covered Bridge Lycoming County

Pulling up tot he Cogan House/Buckhorn Covered Bridge was a pretty cool experience. We were on the annual ride between our families on the holidays and we got to the valley in which the covered bridge is located and it had a nice dusting of snow. It just appeared out of nowhere, and the red color of the bridge contrasted so neatly with the fresh white snow and the evergreens of the surrounding woods. You basically need to be seeking out this bridge to find it, for you will not be stumbling upon it on a random ride. It is at the end of a dead end road that led to an old village with 19th century industry. 
Since the woods were clearcut, that industry ended and this covered bridge has not faced regular traffic. It was originally built in 1877 and was fully restored in 1998, though inspectors say that this bridge is in pretty rough shape structurally. It probably has not been acted upon though since it is at the end of a dead end road and basically serves as the entrance of a residential driveway these days. 

This bridge is only 82 feet long and utilizes the Burr Arch Truss method of construction. It crosses James Creek and was the only of the covered bridges on that creek to survive the major floods it occasionally sees. It is one of only three classic covered bridges in Lycoming County. 

While the method of bridge construction is common, there was something about this specific bridge that really popped for me. I think it was in its placement with a beautifully regrown second growth forest. I really enjoyed seeing this covered bridge. 


41.398358, -77.200410

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