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Cowans Gap State Park: Beautiful Mountain State Park in Fulton County

Cowan's Gap State Park is an extremely beautiful place that is spread over 1085 acres of a mountain top in Fulton County in south central PA. Year round, it is a gorgeous place to visit. It is located within Buchanan State Park, near Fort Loudon, and you can't miss it if you head north from the Big Mountain Overlook
The centerpiece of the park is the lake, formed by a dam built by workers in the CCC, during the Great Depression. Cabins which the workers used are available for overnight stays for visitors. 
The beach at the lake. These facilities are so awesome.

There are lots of hiking trails at the state park, in addition to scenic views off of the mountain into the mountains and great valley topography of the area. The bulk of the infrastructure at the park today, along with its reforestation, come directly from the work of the CCC. The place is well worth a visit.

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