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Poole Forge Covered Bridge and Poole Forge Historic Complex, Lancaster County

I adore the Poole Forge Covered Bridge and the Poole Forge complex. The bridge dates back to 1859 and is 99 feet long. It crosses the Conestoga River within the historic Poole Forge complex. The complex itself dates back into the 1779. When we visited the bridge, we could not stay too long because the grounds of the park area were being set up for a wedding. We were taken by surprise by just how historically intact this complex is. Well worth a visit to check out. It serves as both a living museum of 18th and 19th century industry, and a green space and park area that you are free to hike, walk your dog at, fish, bicycle and picnic on the lush grounds. 
The bridge itself gets a lot of attention from the foremost organization in covered bridge appreciation, preservation, and enthusiasm, the Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society. 
Seldom do you find a covered bridge that remains with the primary reasons for its construction still remaining visible and able to be accessed. Many covered bridges are remnants of a different time and were built for industrial purposes that remain a mystery today, such as mills and old places of production. Often the mills have been demolished and the covered bridge remains as a reminder of what was there. this is not the case at Poole Forge, for the industrial village that surrounds it is pretty intact and thriving with activity as a public recreational and gathering spot. The vision that they had in preserving this bridge and community were absolutely brilliant. That was illustrated as we visited this place on a Saturday in June and it was buzzing with activity as a wedding was being set up for on the grounds. 

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