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Allegheny Overlook Park in Cadogan, Armstrong County: Scenic Views and Park Above the Allegheny River

Cadogan has created something pretty special with their Allegheny Overlook Park. It utilizes a scenic overlook point above the Allegheny River to create a beautiful little public park and gathering space. We went to this park once before, and the only thing we could recall is the beautiful gazebo. Since then, they have added more historic relics and a brand new picnic pavilion. 
We stopped at the park after picking up dinner down the street, which is a common occurrence for us since we cannot take our pups into the restaurant. While chowing down on some delicious Italian food from down the street at Falsetti's Villa, we took in this view. We highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area, between Freeport and Kittanning. 

It is located at coordinates
40.752626, -79.580910

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