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Bucher's Mill Covered Bridge: Lancaster County

Bucher's Mill Covered Bridge is a beautiful little covered bridge in Lancaster County across Cocalico Creek. For a guide on other covered bridges in Lancaster County, the county with the most covered bridges in PA, check out our guide. This little covered bridge has white portals with red sides. I am usually indifferent about what color the portals of a covered bridge are, but I have to say that the white portals on this bridge really pop with the lush greenery of the surrounding woods. On one end of the bridge, you approach the covered bridge by going through agricultural areas, very much in line with many of the other covered bridges in the region.
In a nut shell, between the agricultural area with a farm stand and immediately adjacent creek area with nice forests, this spot accentuates so much about small borough/suburban/rural Pennsylvania life, right down to small businesses, housing developments, and even a pickup truck accessories store, used car lot, pizza shop, and more within a quarter mile radius of this spot. If I had to pick one location that accentuates a lot of what the state consists of, this would be it. 

It is located on the outskirts of Ephrata. It was built in 1891 and is 54 feet long. It utilizes Burr Arch-Truss construction. 


40.207940, -76.134756

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