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Nockamixon State Park, Bucks County, PA, Near Quakertown

Dr. Maurice K. Goddard was the driving force behind the creation of 45 of Pennsylvania's 120 different state parks. He made a bold proclamation that he wanted a "state park within twenty-five miles of every resident." His vision is nearly complete. Goddard is often regarded as the father of the modern Pennsylvania State Parks System. He had a vision of creating a state park through damming up the Tohickon Creek to create a recreational area for the folks of southeastern Pennsylvania. The rolling hills of Bucks County proved to be excellent for this. 

The creation of Nockamixon State Park is close to me because of how much time my family has spent there as I have grown up. We have owned a boat of some sort for my entire life, including our current boat that we got back in 1993. The state park is a hub for family and recreational activity. On the day that we went, we saw good numbers of people boating, kayaking, sailboating, windsailing, fishing on the banks of the lake, biking, hiking, picnicking, sunbathing, and even horseback riding. Lake Nockamixon is a great hub for relaxation. As with all Pennsylvania State Parks, there is no admission fee taken, so the park is open for all who want a relaxing getaway. Additionally, the park has cabins available if you would like to spend the night. 

The lake also provides a great habitat for water fowl and many different species of fish. 

The view from the Three Mile Run Boat Launch.
 The cloud cover was beautiful, changing by the second to provide some stunning reflections upon the water.
 "ehhh I am going to fly now!"
Come sail away with me....There were fewer sailboats out than usual. There was a gentle breeze out so a number of them were out. Sometimes you can see hundreds of sailboats within this wide section of the lake. 
 "Now that's the spot I want to land!"
 "Changed my mind!" Is it not obvious I was having a total blast bird watching?
 I think this may be another, but I am not sure. What kind of bird is this anyway?
 Blue Herons are extremely plentiful at Nockamixon. I have never seen as many of these majestic birds in one place before. This one may have been the smallest one we saw all day.
 "Time to go!"
 Beautiful clouds and reflections on the water
 There were tons of hawks out too.
 Quite a few boaters out
 Along with fishermen on the shore. This point near the dam is a great place to spend some time fishing or just taking in the sights.
 Time to switch spots and drive. Handing the camera off to my sister Taryn. If you haven't noticed, my hair gets windblown pretty easily.
 These birds are beautiful! What are they? I am thinking Double-Crested Cormorant, but not certain. 
"I'm going to leave!"
 "Eh never mind, I will stay"
 Another Blue Heron, this time blending in with the shoreline.
 "It's time for me to fly!" 
 The family

 Action shot
 Gorgeous reflections
 Horseback riding. Tough to see through the brush/
 This is where one of the creeks feeds into the lake. Judging by the landscape it almost looks like there may have been a waterfall in this gorge. Is anyone aware of one that may have been here?
 Oh look, what do I see?
 A pack of seven beautiful birds.
 Are these different species?
 Mesmerizing to watch
 Time to fly!
 I spot a huge Blue Heron. This time we will follow it around on the boat to see where it lands!
Blue Herons are so majestic
 Picked a spot!
 Huge and stunning bird
 Time to fly some more!
 Notice the leaves starting to grow on the trees
 Do I spy a second one?
 This hall is often booked for large banquets and weddings. The view of the lake is amazing from this point.
 And now we will sail off like these four hawks. Be sure to check out Nockamixon State Park for a great and relaxing time. 

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