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Barcelona Falls and Lighthouse, Barcelona, NY

Barcelona Lighthouse
We start off with the most giant Rainbow we have ever seen! These photos are from Westfield and the New York Thruway.
Barcelona is a cool little town along the shores of Lake Erie. It is home to a lighthouse, some small businesses, a nice beach, and a seaside rocky landscape reminiscent of a shoreline in Maine. The waypoint to know you are headed in the right direction is this reproduction of a 16th century British sailing ship, the Sea Lion, with an odd history having sailed on Lake Chautauqua and Lake Erie, and then it sunk and was brought up by some divers and towed to Barcelona. There is hope that the boat will be restored, but in the mean time it is a cool relic and has become a landmark for the beautiful coastal town of Barcelona, NY. We have been to Barcelona many times, but now with my hobby of waterfall chasing, I learned of a waterfall that is located nearby. Once you reach this ship, go eastward down the shoreline and you will run into....
Several little falls that go off of the little rocky bluff and into the lake. You want to hit these falls earlier in the spring when the meltdowns are occurring, or after a large rainfall, because they are very small. With that being said, usually a waterfall is the main visual attraction in any given area. In this location it contributes with the overall beauty of the area thanks to the beach and beautiful Lake Erie. The weather was not good at this point, otherwise we would have spent a little more time checking it out.
 The beautiful Barcelona Lighthouse dates back to 1829 and was the first building to be illuminated with natural gas.
 Another view of the old ship
 A look at the beach and shoreline. This is a really beautiful place.
 There is a nice little harbor in this town as well.
 Because of how rushed we were this time around, I have included some photos from November of 2013 to give you an idea of Barcelona. Brit loves the birds!
The skies were pretty dramatic on that November day in 2013. 

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