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Glen Mills Falls, Westfield, NY Chautauqua County

So at the next waterfall after Laona Falls, the skies opted to make a waterfall of their own, so this view was rushed. This is Glen Mills Falls, located in Westfield, NY, Chautauqua County on the Little Chautauqua Creek. It has this nice observation area to check out the falls, complete with a picnic table. A great place for a little romantic or relaxing afternoon lunch. I warn against going into any other portion of the falls for they are on private property. On a nicer day I would like to spend some time taking in these falls. Pretty cool little set of falls. If you drive on Route 394 heading westbound, take a left right before the bridge and follow that road. You will see a stone area with a picnic table and railings. That is the spot where the observation picnic area is located. 
Almost as soon as you pull off of Portage Road onto Gale Street, you will see an observation area with a picnic table.

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