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Wild Creek Waterfall, Beltzville State Park, Carbon County, PA

Today we take a look at the Wild Creek Waterfall, a pretty little set of falls. They are easily accessible from the Wild Creek Trailhead at Beltzville State Park.
The falls are situated in a beautiful grove of Hemlocks and Mountain Laurel, the state tree and the state flower.

The view from the top
These pristine waters serve the Bethlehem Municipal Water system, providing drinking water for thousands of people.
The full falls. Not huge, but more impressive in person. A relaxing Pennsylvania scene. 
The giant boulders are slick.
The view downstream
Waterflow was light with how little rainfall there has been locally. This is proving to be a huge problem, for not too far north in New York State there is a wildfire happening.
In addition to the falls, Beltzville State Park has a lake that is very popular for water recreation.

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