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2016 PA Farm Show Opening Day

This is an article from the 2016 Farm Show, the 2020 show runs January 4th-11th.

The 2016 edition of the Pennsylvania Farm Show is as awesome as always. This is the 100th anniversary of this yearly convention of people in every step of the agricultural process. These individuals range from farmers of every sort of farmed animal within the state, to produce farmers, bakers, cooks, logistical companies for making agricultural processes more efficient, and more, all networking to strengthen agriculture the state's largest industry. In addition to this, thousands of people come to the convention daily to get an insight into the industry that keeps everyone fed and healthy. The Pennsylvania Farm Show is our state fair, with 24 acres of livestock and produce competitions, socializing with people from all over the state, a carousel, delicious food, and so much more. 

Even through the steel and coal boom times, agriculture was still the number one industry. When a large part of heavy industry collapsed within our commonwealth, the foundations of Pennsylvania agriculture remained strong. The hundredth Pennsylvania Farm Show is a testament to that strength and the community spirit within the state. People from all corners of the state come together for the Farm Show. People learn about different ways of life and the ways that their food reaches their table. Youth learn the value of a hard work ethic, and farmers learn how to be more efficient and better serve the community. The way in which this state comes together for this event is truly awesome, and something that needs to be experienced. 

We started opening day at the Farm Show with a delicious breakfast of milkshakes, fried mushrooms, and roast beef sandwiches with fresh horseradish. 
Milkshake Breakfast!
The Maple Syrup stand is always pretty great, with everything you can possibly imagine that is made with maple syrup.
Maple Syrup products
Next we headed to the High School Rodeo, the fun before the official Farm Show kickoff with a speech by the Governor.
Giddy up!
Now for the steer wrestling. It is so impressive seeing these youth showcase their hard work ethics and dedication. If the future of farming in the state is in their hands, we will be in great shape.

Steer Wrestling!
The talented Harrisburg High School Cougar Marching Band offered a great opener to the opening ceremonies.
Harrisburg High School Cougar Marching Band
The mounted Pennsylvania State Police leading the ceremony with the national anthem
Governor Wolf speaking on the strength of Pennsylvania's largest and most fundamentally important industry. 
After Governor Wolf completed his first opening ceremony for the Farm Show, the mounted Pennsylvania State Police showed many of their non-violent, crowd dispersing methods. With all of the controversy and adversity facing police departments around the nation, the Pennsylvania State Police have remained a trusted unit of integrity after serious issues have arisen around the country. The demonstrations with the mounted horses showed some of the excellent training that these officers receive. In the face of some really difficult adversity against the PSP over the last year, you really have to take give them credit. It is really nice seeing the officers out in the community like this, giving some insights into their methods of maintaining safety for everyone.
Mounted Pennsylvania State Police, showing some of their formations

The mounted unit approaching the crowd
The crowd successfully dispersed. Of all of the methods to disperse crowds, this really seems to be one of the least violent methods.

The next part of the opening ceremonies included some well preserved and restored, historic farm equipment. 
This dairy wagon dates back to the old delivery days, when milk would be delivered door-to-door and from town-to-town. This is from the long-defunct Burschel Dairy that was once located in Scranton.
The PA Dairy Princess getting a ride on a stage coach
Antique Horse Drawn Hay Rake
Antique Horse Drawn Hay Reaper
And the latest in hay baling technology from New Holland Farm Equipment
Now off to the exhibit floor, how now brown cow? 

A nursing mother!
The cows are my favorite animals to see at the show
This guy managed to sneeze all over me and my camera lens :-)

The sheep were pretty cute too though!
Some new neighborly pals socializing and having a good time
Yep! I was talking about you!
Brit's favorite animals are the bunnies!
The Amusement Industry
The awesome Knoebels Amusement Park was representing the amusement industry at the show, along with the PA Showmen, that had this beautiful Herschell Carousel
Pennsylvania Wine Competition
The Pennsylvania Wine Tasting competition sampling was more popular than ever this year. The grape culture within the state is really something great. There are more vineyards than ever, with PA wineries bringing back more and more national and international awards. 
Apple Competition
The Apple competition was as awesome as ever as well. I was sure to pick up a quart of cider to polish off for the rest of the day.
The state Christmas Tree Competition was as awesome as always as well. It is always a tough choice picking which tree is our favorite.
Brit strolling through the grove
 2016 Butter Sculpture
The world famous Butter Sculpture, commemorating PA Agriculture in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Farm Show.
 For the first time, there is a full out exhibit showing different mushrooms in their growth processes. 63 percent of all mushrooms. The bulk of these mushrooms come from Kennett Square.
 The vegetable competitions
The fight for the largest potato!
The largest potato in Pennsylvania at 3.185 pounds, from Northumberland County
Brit always loves the Butterfly Tent
A glimpse at the past with this Conestoga Wagon on display from the Landis Valley Museum.
So there is our report from the opening day of the 2016 Pennsylvania Farm Show. It runs daily until this Saturday, so be sure to check it out! We try to get to the Farm Show every year. If you have never gone, or not gotten there this year, be sure to go. This event should be on everyone's bucket list.

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