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Blue Knob State Park and Ski Area: Second Tallest Mountain in Pennsylvania

At 3212 feet, Mount Davis, roughly 80 miles southwest of this point, is the tallest mountain in Pennsylvania. Just 92 feet lower is Bedford County's Blue Knob, the second tallest mountain in the state. A ski resort is at the top of this mountain and this is the northernmost 3000+ foot summit in the Alleghenies. 
Blue Knob was thought to be the tallest point in Pennsylvania, until the US Geological survey found Mt. Davis to be just slightly higher. This summit is uncharacteristically developed, for in 1952 it was designated to be an air force station. It was built as a radar station in the height of the Cold War era. It would not go on to last more than a decade, and the land was repurposed into the Blue Knob Ski Area that we know today. 
Blue Knob is located in the midst of one of the most rugged regions of the state. Mountain peaks surround the spot. A number of people brought picnic lunches to enjoy up at this scenic vista. Blue Knob State Park also offers a number of other outdoor recreational opportunities. 
One of my favorite aspects about getting up to this spot was navigating the windy mountain roads. If you want some killer views, be sure to get up to Blue Knob State Park

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