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Kayaking the Clarion River with Country Squirrel Outfitters

We went on a kayaking adventure down the scenic Clarion River with Country Squirrel Outfitters in Ridgway. There was a steady drizzle for the entire float, but we still had a ton of fun. Additionally, our hosts were extremely kind and knowledgeable. We floated for nine miles down the river and saw countless species of birds and more, in addition to a number of fishermen pulling out some nice native brook trout. Everyone was having a great time on the river. 
Country Squirrel offers canoes, kayaks, bicycle rentals, bicycle repairs, outdoor supplies for fishing, hiking supplies, and more.  

There's Brit, way ahead, taken with a nicely splashed lens!
So we get a little downriver and Brit tells me something that I could not quite hear. She tried to tell me it again and was pointing.
I turned my kayak around and there was a large eagle that had flown from one tree to another, and was perched, waiting for its next meal. Sightings like this were once unheard of when industry ran unfettered and made this one of the most degraded rivers in the state. Great efforts have created a comeback for this river, with it once again becoming an excellent fishery and habitat for other species, and a hub for outdoor recreation.
Additionally we saw dozens of ducks and geese, and easily thousands of tiny birds flying and seemingly erratically diving and swerving through the air. You could also see trout jumping out of the water. 
We really enjoyed floating down this scenic river and observing all of the abundant wildlife and more. The folks at Country Squirrel Outfitters were also excellent hosts and we highly recommend renting any outdoor gear that you need when you are around the Clarion River.

Country Squirrel Outfitters and the PA Great Outdoors Region kindly hosted us and we have shared our opinions about these great accommodations. 

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