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Exploring Downtown Gettysburg: David Wills House, Lincoln Circle, and More

There are a myriad of different things to do, places to eat, boutiques, museums to see, and more throughout the borough of Gettysburg. The place has really grown into a charming tourist borough.
The view of Lincoln Square in Gettysburg
The historic Hotel Gettysburg
One of the myriad of museums in Gettysburg, the House of Time.
Abe Lincoln was here to greet us! 
This statue shows David Wills welcoming Abe Lincoln into Gettysburg. Mr. Wills was a powerful man in Gettysburg, having established a law firm. He served on the boards of several regional colleges, was a judge, and more. When the Civil War came to his footstep, he housed many civilians from the area in his basement as the Confederates ravaged the city. Once the battle was done, he advocated for the erection of a national cemetery. He got his wish granted from President Lincoln himself. Mr. Wills hosted President Lincoln when the Gettysburg Address was delivered and the National Cemetery was dedicated. Mr. Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address in the home of Mr. Wills. Now his home is a museum and tribute to this critical moment in our nation's history.
The house is fashioned to look exactly as it did when it hosted Mr. Lincoln.
The bed that Lincoln slept in before he gave the Gettysburg Address
Aside from the history, there is a fine amount of places to check out throughout the city that could more than occupy anyone. There is a series of wineries, restaurants, and more within the city and the surrounding areas. We will delve further into those as we continue our journey around the Gettysburg area. Our favorite places in the downtown area are the Shriver  House, Jennie Wade House, Mr. G's Ice Cream, and the David Wells House. 

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