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Two of the Best Falls in PA: Silverthread and Dingmans Falls, Delaware Water Gap, Poconos, PA

Today we visit one of the most beautiful areas of the state, the Delaware Water Gap, in the Pocono Mountains region of the state and explore Silverthread and Dingmans Falls. Seven of the nine waterfalls in Pennsylvania that meet or exceed 80 feet in height are located in or around the Delaware Water Gap, and the only two that exceed 100 feet, Dingmans and Raymondskill, are located right near each other in the DWG. The falls in this region are the most majestic in the state and are approach the world class status of some of the falls in New York and out west. My two favorite waterfalls in the state, Silverthread and Raymondskill, are located within five miles of each other in the DWG. Spectacular is the best way to describe these falls. 
Silverthread Falls
The Dingmans and Silverthread Falls observation area has a nice little visitors center and there is a boardwalk that provides excellent accessibility to the falls.  
As far as Pennsylvania goes, Silverthread and Dingmans are about as accessible as it gets. The boardwalk areas are excellent and it is great to see that great efforts are taken to ensure that as many people as possible can see these natural wonders.
Official measurements say that Silverthread falls measures in at 80 feet in height, though it appears to be much taller.  This is one of my absolute favorite sets of falls in the state. Between the enormity in height, and the extremely thin width of these falls, they are simply spectacular to take in. 

Dingmans Falls measures in at roughly 100 feet. I've read estimates that run anywhere from 90 to 130 feet. My estimate is that this is roughly 100 feet tall, just a hair taller than Silverthread. 
Be sure to visit the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in the Poconos to see the finest waterfalls that this state has to offer. 
Coordinates: 41.230556, -74.891944

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