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Titusville: A Relaxing Place

Titusville is home to the start of the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad, the Caboose Motel, Oil Creek State Park, the Drake Well Museum, and more. These things alone make a Titusville worth visiting, but the quaint downtown area really rounds everything out. 
The city's centerpiece is this beautiful city square. They frequently have musical acts play in the parklet.
There are a number of shops and eateries throughout the city. 
The city was home to some of the first oil tycoons, so you see many different mansion structures. One of these structures is utilized within the city's regional campus for the University of Pittsburgh, Pitt Titusville. This is McKinney Hall, which dates back to 1870. It is nice to see an old structure like this get converted into a modern purpose. There is a walking tour around the area that takes you to many of the notable places around the area, including a home in which Ida Tarbell, one of the most influential writers in American history grew up. She is best known for having exposed the shady practices of the big business monopoly of Rockefeller's Standard Oil. 
A mural at the CooCoo for Clocks store.
The storefront for Carpenters Corner Antiques
The Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad launches off from the Titusville.
John Heisman, legendary football coach and the man that the Heisman Trophy was named after, grew up in Titusville with his father working in the oil industry. He went to Titusville High School before going on to Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania. 
We had a delicious dinner at Maria's Italian Restaurant. Brit had the Shrimp Scampi and I went for the less fancy Italian hoagie. Both were great! Other popular eateries include the Blue Canoe Brewery and Missy's Arcade Diner. 
We spent the night at the cozy Caboose Motel and had an all around great weekend in the Oil Creek Valley. Our next installments will take us further into Crawford County.

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