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Sinnemahoning State Park: Amazing Arched Tree, Interpretive Center & More

Arch Tree!
One of the last things we did on our trip in the PA Great Outdoors Region was driving out to Sinnemahoning State Park. On our way out, we passed through the birthplace of Tom Mix, the original legendary cowboy actor. You can learn more about Tom Mix, the man that introduced John Wayne to Hollywood, in our post about observing the elk herd. This drive passes through some tremendous gorges. The misty weather created some incredible views within these deep gorges, making us feel like we were driving through the clouds.

These are my favorite kinds of roads. Few stop signs and lights, and just open road.
The George B. Stevenson Dam is currently drained for dredging of the lake. This dam was erected for flood control, with the added benefit of creating a great place for community recreation.
This area is normally a beach and access area to the lake. It will be restored once the dredging project is complete. Even without the lake, this is a stunningly gorgeous area.
There are tons of picnic areas throughout the state park.
As well as groves of hemlocks.
Arch Tree? What could that be? 
The main reason I was interested in heading out to the state park! 
The arch tree was saved from cutting when this area was cut for lumber. Native americans trained these trees to become trail markers, similar to stone cairns. This tree is a major attraction for people, with some people opting to have weddings underneath the tree. This is one of the oddest and coolest things that I've seen within the state
I could not help but take a ton of different angles of this awesome tree.

Sinnemahoning State Park is also home to an awesome interpretive center that helps introduce the environment of the state park and region to visitors. These new interpretive centers popping up at some of our state parks, including the new one at Ohiopyle and the Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque Isle. They did an excellent job with this place. 

We circled around to Cherry Springs State Park, home to the darkest skies on the East Coast and a destination for stargazers. Naturally we were not going to see these during the day time, but the area is so beautiful that it is worth the drive to visit during the day.

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