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Exploring the Old Growth Forest at Alan Seeger Natural Area: Rothrock State Forest, Huntingdon County, PA

The Alan Seeger Natural Area is home to one of the few stands of old growth forest within the state. It is located in an extremely remote part of Huntingdon County, within easy range of the Raystown Lake Region and State College. There are a number of old growth trees, with it considered to be one of the finest stands in the state. 

Per the PA DCNR:

"Scientists believe the largest tree in the area could be over 1,000 years old, possibly the oldest in the state, some on small islands in the middle of Stone Creek. Other tree species in the area include white oak, red maple, white pine, pignut hickory, black gum and black birch."

They have even included small shelters and picnic areas to sit and enjoy the surroundings. 
The area was named after a poet that died in World War I. It is a beautiful area with lots of old growth trees, with a mix of secondary forest that is well over a hundred years old.
I look forward to spending some more time getting acquainted with the Alan Seeger Natural Area. The forest is absolutely stunning and peaceful. Stands of hemlock, pine, and oak are always awesome to see. These are even better considering their extreme size and age, a rarity within this state that has been largely clear cut for lumber multiple times. This is a rare gem within Penn's Woods and well worth exploring. It is one of many places of natural beauty within Rothrock State Forest.
Coordinates: 40.6944° N, 77.7552° W

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