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Lakemont Park Lights on the Lake: Altoona, PA Blair County

Today we take a look at the 2016 edition of Altoona's Lakemont Park Lights on the Lake. This is an excellent drive through Christmas lights display. The display encompasses most of the area of this classic amusement park. They also have a full miniature train display and gift shop that you can visit upon leaving the display. The display is open daily until 10:00 PM through January 8th. While the park's coasters, including Skyliner, and the world's oldest coaster, Leap the Dips, are not open, the display is a ton of fun and the rides provide a cool backdrop to the lights display.
The entrance to the lights goes into the back of the park through the parking lot for the ballpark. For those of you coaster lovers out there like myself, you are greeted with a beautiful sight, Skyliner's white structure aglow with radiating lights from the display.
There are many awesome spots throughout the display, though one of my favorites is their conversion of the park's train ride into a beautifully lit display while it sits in its winter slumber, before it gets back to traversing the park's "Pony Shoe Curve," an ode to the region's important rail history.

Light tunnel time!
There is nothing quite like when trees are fully covered with lights. This area in the park's grove really shines in the display.
If you have any holiday shopping to do, or really like to see model train displays, as I love to do, you should definitely stop at the end of the journey to take a look. Lakemont is one of our favorite places to go during the summer for some great rides and affordable prices, and it is also one of our favorite places to check out holiday lights in the state. For more information on visiting, be sure to check out their website at http://www.lakemontparkfun.com

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