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The Original Pie Shoppe, Laughlintown, PA, Lincoln Highway, Westmoreland County

If you are looking for the ultimate cupcake, pie, or any other baked good, the Original Pie Shoppe is the ultimate place. Located along the Lincoln Highway in the Laurel Highlands region, this bakery is a great place to get a snack or a meal as a rest stop along the road, or as a start to some adventures around the region. We make a point of going here every time we are in the area. Everything they have is nothing short of delicious. 

This family institution was started in 1947 when Melvin Columbus returned from World War II. In the navy he was a chef and created cinnamon rolls as a treat for the sailors. He lived the American Dream and built a business from the ground up, using his abilities, along with help from his mother, Mildred. Their efforts have lead to an institution that seems to have lots of business, at every hour of the day. 
Lots of cupcakes and pies!
Along with pastries and pies...
Cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, donuts, and more, along with a deli. 
The Laughlintown Pie Shoppe makes some of the most amazing baked goods in the state, and their prices are very affordable. We highly recommend a stop and even a long trip alone to have some of the delicious baked goods from this great family business. The location of the bakery along the Lincoln Highway also makes for a great launching point into the Laurel Highlands and nearby Linn Run State Park, Beam and Wolf Rocks, and more. Additionally, there are many awesome things to check out in the surrounding village.

More information and hours of operation can be found at http://theoriginalpieshoppe.com 

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