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Having a Safe & Fun Time at Kennywood Park

Today we take a look at our visit to Kennywood this past weekend during ACE's annual KennyKon event. I am glad to say that it was a great time! As we all know, the logistics of holding an event like this. I am glad to say that it was flawless! The park does a great job at enforcing safe masking policies, ride sanitation, social distancing, and more. For the most part, the patrons of the park, and all of the ACE members, were following all of the safety protocols. In difficult times like these, the familiar things, like visiting an amusement park, are even more meaningful as a means of escape. I am glad to say that the park has stepped up to the challenge. This year is a milestone year for the park. The legendary Jack Rabbit wooden roller coaster is entering its hundredth year of continual operation. A century of thrills and memories have been born on this terrific roller coaster. For more historic background on the park, check out this previous article of ours. 
The day for ACE started with ERT (Extra Ride Time) on Jack Rabbit and Thunderbolt, an hour before the gates opened to the public. I managed to snag five rides on Jack Rabbit, with a ride in each of the distanced rows on the train. 
The park's amazing carousel is within its 93rd season. I love how this grand machine serves as the heart of the park.
Thunderbolt's midway is so beautiful. Between seeing and hearing joyful riders as the trains traverse the wickedly twisted track of Thunderbolt as it elegantly swirls through the midway, along with seeing Phantom's train drop down its massive 228 foot drop down a cliff and subsequent rush back up, and seeing and hearing the classic Turtle ride, this spot is just so mesmerizing.
For me, just taking in everything in this spot is one of my favorite things in life.
Note how the riders all safely rode with their masks on, throughout one of the most intense sections of any coaster ever built.

The took out the fisheye lens for this shot. I rarely use it, but this is one of those rare situations that is perfect for it. Steel Curtain has not opened for the season, though the core of the park, its three wooden roller coasters, countless classic rides, and the epic Phantom's Revenge, more than made up for the loss. 
On this visit, I believe that Racer offered the best ride of the three wooden roller coasters at the park. My opinion on favorite wooden roller coaster at the park varies with each visit.
Phantom remains as my overall favorite coaster in the park. 
After ERT ended, I did not end up taking too many shots. I was too busy riding and catching up with old friends from ACE. I was just not able to focus both physically, and with my camera. I had not gone to an ACE event in a while, and I am glad that I did. I realized my favorite parts again of being involved with that group all while having a great and safe time at the park. The park is open for the season and we highly recommend checking it out. For more information on visiting, check out their website at www.kennywood.com

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