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Exploring Promised Land State Park in the Poconos

Today we visit beautiful Promised Land State Park. This state park in the Poconos is just lovely. It is a relaxed place with four lovely campgrounds, CCC era cabins, two beautiful little lakes, with one primarily for fishing and kayaking, and the other for fishing and kayaking, along with a beautiful sandy beach for swimming. Promised Land has many beautiful and rugged trails as well. It is mostly surrounded by Delaware State Forest and it is one of the most untouched and rugged areas within the popular Pocono region. 

Fishing at sunset on the Lower Lake. The Lower Lake Campground Area has ample camping spaces and it is adjacent to the lower lake. Fishing, taking in a sunset, and bird watching are all awesome things to do in this spot. 

If you are into fishing, or have a kayak, canoe, or small boat, both lakes are great to visit. Only electric motors are allowed, so instead of having to navigate through the wakes of speed boats on nearby Lake Wallenpaupack, you can relax and have the lakes at the state park to yourself. The beach area is also wonderful. 
These photos were taken before I had great camera gear, but that little speck is a bald eagle. There are nests in the state park area and bird watching is just fantastic here. 
To tie all of the great things of Promised Land Together, the entire area is covered in beautiful second growth forest. The Little Falls Trail is a beautiful and easy little hike that gives views of the Little Falls of Promised Land State Park. While they are only a few feet tall, they are absolutely beautiful. The trail is a 2.7 mile loop and located right near the entrance to the Lower Lake Campground. There are 50 miles of hiking trails through beautiful Promised Land State Park and Delaware State Forest. The Little Falls and Conservation Island Trails are just lovely, but there are seemingly endless hikes you can take in this area.

The beautiful forests along the Little Falls Trail. 

It is such a serene place.
I was going through my old photo collections and found this set from 14 years ago. Here is one of my long lost furry friends, Sophie, a Black and Tan Shiba Inu. I have a little tear in the corner of my eye seeing my old hiking companion. Thankfully our current doggo loves to hike just as much as she does. 

You can see lots of rhododendrons and mountain laurel at Promised Land State Park.
Little Falls!
Promised Land State Park is a lovely place to visit. On top of the natural beauty, most of the infrastructure that brings access to the state park and area dates back to the Great Depression and the CCC. The state park is home to the Masker Museum, which shows the history of the state park, and the CCC. The park's CCC cabins are absolutely lovely and they are lakefront. 

It is also within close range of many of the great attractions of the Poconos Region. It is within a 25 minute drive of the Delaware Water Gap, 15 minutes from Lake Wallenpaupack, ten minutes to the beautiful glacial lake area of Bruce Lake and hiking, and within 45 minutes of most other points within the Pocono Plateau. The state park is a great hub for seeing the beautiful stuff that the northern Poconos region has to offer. 

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