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Interesting Pennsylvania's Seventh Anniversary: Thanks for your ongoing support!

Another year has passed and we are continuing to grow bigger and stronger. On our constant mission to explore the beauty of this state, we have managed to visit all 67 counties and every corner of the state. This marks our seventh year as a page, and our twelfth anniversary as a couple. This year has been one of the most challenging so far, filled with immense loss and pain for our overall community. More than ever, we all could use a nice hike in the woods, or a ride to go sightseeing to check out beautiful Penn's Woods. Thankfully we live in a state that has countless great places to explore outdoors and stay healthy! From our home city to Pittsburgh, to the cradle of American Democracy in Philadelphia, the woods and mountains of the PA Wilds, the Poconos, the Appalachians, the Alleghenies, Endless Mountains Region, to the rolling farm lands of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, the valleys of the Susquehanna, and the shores of Lake Erie, we have endless ways to sharpen ourselves outside in the midst of such incredible stress. I am glad that we have been able to help inspire you with different ways to explore and relax across this incredible commonwealth. Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to more years of introducing you to everything great that this state has to offer. 

Through our other page, www.coastertalknobszone.com, which is dedicated to amusement parks, we have often covered many non-amusement park related attractions across the state. After writing Great Pennsylvania Amusement Parks Road Trip, a book on Pennsylvania's ten historic and awesome amusement parks, and after a glorious visit to see the ice dunes at Presque Isle State Park on our fifth anniversary as a couple, we knew that we wanted to create Interesting Pennsylvania and Beyond to highlight travel throughout Pennsylvania.

Every place that we highlight on the page has been personally visited by us. This level of authenticity is what we aim for in order to honestly portray the places that we visit, so that you get accurate recommendations on what to expect with places when it comes to launching adventures of your own. Thanks for joining us throughout these adventures and we look forward to continuing to join us in the years ahead.

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