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Spring Wildflowers at Ohiopyle State Park

Ohiopyle State Park is a lovely place to visit any time of the year, but especially as we come into wildflower season. The earliest wildflowers begin in March, but April is the time that the trillium and other wildflowers really thrive. 

Wildflowers at Cucumber Falls
Ohiopyle State Park, as you can see from our waterfalls and overlooks guide, is wonderful to visit at any time of the year, but the Great Gorge Trail, Cucumber Falls, the Meadow Run Trail, and Great Allegheny Passage Trail near the Ramcat Raft Launch Area have wonderful and abundant spring wildflowers. My recommendation for seeing terrific wildflowers in Ohiopyle is to park at the Cucumber Falls lot, check out the falls and the abundant wildflowers on the slopes of the gorge, and then head back up, cross the bridge just above the falls, and pick up on the Great Gorge Trail.
Red Trillium
The most abundant wildflowers on that trail are found on the portion of the trail immediately to the right of the end of the bridge, up and down the slopes leading down to the Youghiogheny River. This trail is very well graded and easy to hike, though not quite to the point of ADA compliant. Towards the further end of the trail it has some moderate elevation change, but still nothing too challenging. The trail measures in at 2.6 miles, though this is one way and not a loop, meaning a roundtrip hike clocks in at 4.2 miles. The hike did not nearly feel this long.
White Trillium
This certainly is a great place for a little nature walk/hike for people of all skillsets. Additionally, rainy springs make the waterfalls really swell, and lots of new waterfalls appear that are usually dry. Spend some time hiking anywhere in the park and you will not regret it, especially in the spring. Make sure you have a pair of boots that you do not mind getting muddy, because you will get dirty.
For more information on visiting Ohiopyle State Park, check out our guide to the park and its many waterfalls and scenic overlooks. 

For more wildflower hotspots, from early spring through the autumn, months, check out our list of 35 plus destinations that wildflower connoisseurs have to check out across the state. 

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